Best Place to get married

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and you will want nothing but the best for yourself. Many people are choosing to marry outside their hometown and one of the most preferred places is that of Puerto Rico. One of the main reasons for this is that many couples also choose to have their honeymoons here as well. Being on US territory, yet enjoying yourself in a completely different atmosphere can be quite enticing.

What i totally get after traveling for a while is the less weight you have the better!!

Wedding gifts and gifts for the bridal party such as the grooms etc is a popular thing in USA. Traveling with gifts is not popular bwarrgghhhh

There for getting personalized light weight grooms men gifts makes perfect sense and these guys deliver and have  a great range

If you are planning on having a wedding in the Caribbean, then there are a few things you will need to keep in mind. The first is that between June 1 and November 30th, the region normally has the hurricane season. Also remember that if you prefer warm regions, then San Juan and the northern coast is often cooler than the rest and in the rainy season wetter than Ponce and the southern coast. The best place to have a wedding with both the old world and contemporary feel to it is in Old San Juan. If you are looking at a beach wedding, Luquillo Beach is the one you should look at.

Just like with any other location, marriage here will need a bit of documentation, but nothing that will put you off. For those who are US citizens, there is nothing that is necessary. If you are a non-resident however, you will need to have medical certification which upholds all the stipulations of your place of residence. This is only valid 10 days before you get married. Following this, the government will then need recertification. You will also need a government or a state issued photo identification.. You will need to produce your electoral card or passport. Both of you will have to provide copies of your birth certificate as well.

The Puerto Rican government will have to be paid a Stamp Duty of $20 and will also require divorce decrees or death certificates for either of your previous spouses if any. You will also need a notary authorized document stating that you are not a resident of Puerto Rico and have visited the city for marriage alone. It should also mention that you will not overstay your stay here longer than necessary. This will have to be mentioned in your visitors’ entry pass that is given to you by your foreign correspondence agency at your time of arrival in the city.

Over the course of the past few years, we’ve seen the bottom fall out of the financial markets, the country has slipped into a deep recession, and the unemployment rate has skyrocketed as companies trim back on payrolls, cut salaries, benefits, and other expenses with surgical precision.  Over the same time frame, we’ve seen the actual cost of an employee nearly double as health insurance premiums spiral out of control, taxes increase, and production decreases in the work force. And, we cannot help but wonder, where is it all headed?

Not surprisingly, early indicators in key fields like construction, the trades, and now even in white collar jobs, are pointing to the trend of “outsourcing” as much as possible, up to and including key personnel.  For example, where construction companies once employed project managers, superintendents, and laborers, most of these positions are now held by subcontractors, or people who are technically “in business for themselves,” meaning they are used strictly on a job by job basis, and the company who is utilizing the subcontractor has no employment liability whatsoever.  Meaning, no “salaried” positions, no benefits, no employment taxes, no worker’s compensation, no vacations, holiday pay….the list goes on and on.

We’re now seeing this trend spread into the white collar world, as former key executives who were laid off, or whose positions were eliminated, are finding potential employers now proposing to contract the services of an individual, as opposed to hiring that individual as a full time, permanent employee. This approach literally saves the company thousands of dollars on every position that can be converted to subcontracted services. And, as the economic climate changes, and the markets readjust, we suspect that this may become the standard operating procedure in many professions.

And, who knows, given the direction that our country as a whole is taking, this may be the only way that private enterprise can survive.

What will this mean for you and me?  It means a return to the days when there were no benefits, no health insurance (unless you count what the government is trying to do, but that’s another article in itself), no vacation or sick time, and no stability. For any of us who finds ourselves in the position of being a “subcontractor,” it means that our positions within the  companies that we work for will become even less secure, with a day by day uncertainty, as there will be nothing to bind us to the companies we were once employed by.  And, even though a company may have to pay a little more up front for a subcontractor, the savings will be substantial when all other factors are taken into account.

So why am i ranting about this and what has it to do with shifting house. Well recently I lost my job so we had to down size which included hiring a trusted Moving Company It was a huge project for us as we have been there for 20 years and we had a lot of stuff to move. Shifting our furniture required a specialist which is owned by the same outfit actually and the only difference is they specialise in furniture where as the other ones do household items.
It works out about the same price to move as using one company but only problem is organising both of them.

Don’t believe it?  Look around. It’s already here.

Shifting is needed in every sector of life. The day to day shifting system is done through big trucks or loaders that are used to transport things from one place to another. Several kind of packing equipment is needed to cover the trucking to avoid any kind of damage that may be caused due to weather. Factory owners need a lot of things that can carry products in raw or processed form. Most of the factories own their own equipment like the:

  • Vans : vans are usually used for transporting different types of things that need to be transported in a temperature control environment, the vans are usually such that they have a closed place that has a temperature control system. it is quite easy to transport medicines and food items in them.
  • Flatbeds: These kinds of equipment transporting trucks are used for transporting big products. The products are those that are to be transported across the border to other countries. To avoid any kind of damage they are used. Such transport fulfillment services are those that can be locked well or covered with big plastic blanket sheets that can avoid damage. The flatbed trucking companies’ trucks are also used for inter city transportation. The charges for the transportation are different according to the flatbed trucking companies and also according to the distance.

  • Heavy Haul: the heavy haul trucking companies are those that have trucks that can hold really heavy equipment. The engines of these heavy haul trucks are very powerful as they have to bear the weight of very heavy equipment. Usually the equipment that is transported through the heavy haul trucks is the machinery or plants of factories that are used to make other products.

  • Box Trucks: box trucks are usually used in transporting eatable things from one place to another. The box trucks usually have small gates on one side and a rear door that rolls up. The box trucks may also be used to transport small home equipment during shifting. The size of a box truck is usually the same in length as that of an ambulance while it is a bit more in height.

  • Hot Shots:  the hot shot trucking is actually the transportation business that needs to be looked after by the people who require a side business. All those who own a truck and want to bring it into some kind of use can enroll themselves with freight companies. They pay according to the miles per week or the distance traveled per month.

All kind of freight delivery is done at the distribution warehouses. The distribution warehouses are big areas with very high roofs. These distribution warehouses are used by different factories as their stock keeping places. Here the pick and pack fulfillment work is also done. Usually the distribution warehouses are extended with the factories and from here the freight delivery is picked by different trucks and supplied forward. It is very important for different fulfillment service trucking companies to keep track of the business of different factories as they require transportation and it is a good way to make use of trucks and earn money.

More on weddings and destinations

If you are thinking of getting married abroad, make sure you use a reputable tour operator as good advice, customer service and product knowledge can be pivotal in helping you to choose the right resort for your once in a lifetime getaway.

You dont have to rely purely on word of mouth of internet reviews to get a good understanding of a place.

The team of expert travel advisors (many of who have personally visited the destinations)are on hand to give you advice and recommend the ideal location for you and your bride. Or you and your groom, depending on who is doing the research!

Some people’s idea of heaven is being married on a Caribbean beach in idyllic, quiet surroundings.

For others, a South Africa safari represents the pinnacle of holiday experience.

The great thing about all customer service is that they can tailor make anything to fit in line with your dreams, no matter how unconventional they might seem. I was married in the UK but booked my honeymoon and transfers through Destinology after another company let me down at the last minute and failed to honour a reservation. I wont name and shame them but their company name can be put in front of the word ‘pigeon’ to give an old fashioned form of delivery service.

Anyway, I am straying away from the subject somewhat. I was delighted with the service (lovely black presentation wallet with stylish travel documents and eye catching headed paper) plus very knowledgeable on Thailand (I was not at the time). The itinerary was superb and suited us perfectly. So I’d feel comfortable recommending them.

Recently, I blogged about how Prince William and Kate Middleton were engaged at an African bush camp in the wildnerness, so gentlemen; you need to look no further for inspiration. Here is a guy who has been with his college sweetheart for several years, and I for one think he has chosen very well (she’s gorgeous).  Remember, it’s never a good idea to rest on your laurels so if you’ve been with someone for a while the chances are they are with you for the long haul, and might even be waiting for you to pop the question.

Weddings abroad come in all different shapes and sizes, so check out this range of luxury destinations. Make sure you check the legal requirements for each country so you know what to bring and what preparations to put in place.

If you are undecided between a city break or a beach affair, then why not do both with a multi centre wedding or honeymoon? Or if its just a single luxury destination you seek, that’s where Destinology come  What’s even better is that their Freephone number means you won’t incur any large phone bills when you do call for advice.

Travel Stories and eating well

So i was in Turkey last week and the first night at the hotel we are straight into unhealthy food and high sugar and high fats. Daring to be brave I walked the streets in search of some local foods and came across a market where we all had beautiful lamb kebab souvlaki looking things



Plenty of healthy oils, low fat, lowish carbs due to the wholegrain and the pocket breads were beautiful




This blog is dedicated to those trying to lose weight or remove cellulite and eat healthy on a tight budget
More often than not eating healthy means more expense.
However we have come up with a list of nice ways to still eat good quality food , lose weight and be healthy at the same time
Now this may not be everybody but the other day when discussing this with a friend he said
Pork chops are your buddy!!. Remove the ring of fat around the muscle and you’ve got yourself an extremely lean cut of meat that is less expensive than ground beef, steak, chicken or fish. Eggs also are a major staple in my diet plan, I go through about 4-5 lots right now, I make eggs for breakfast daily then I boil some and eat the egg whites with tuna. Yummy I must say and since I have been doing it my weight has reduced and my cellulite along with some good creams has also improved. Getting married always is the incentive you may need LOL You may need a gift from groomstand to help you out

The top weight loss blogs are also very helpful for losing weight and if you are a writer you may get some great content from here also
inexpensive bulking HEALTHY meal strategy … he has had world class cardiologists who specify that drinking hibiscus tea can offer you the same lead to reducing blood pressure are do the Rx medications. Since Dr. Oz is also a cardiologist it seems reasonable that he would understand who the leading cardiologists are. So I have actually taken this encourage to heart and (even though my blood pressure is regular) I consume hibiscus tea every day. I ‘d recommend that you purchase organic hibiscus tea if possible. Btw drinking hibiscus tea does not have any negative side effects.

meal 1 … oats, banana, milk with protein powder, 1 serving olive oil in oats

meal 2 … rice and some kind of meat (get low-cost frozen chicken) just consume one piece and drink some milk to obtain additional protein

meal 3 … oats combined with peanut butter and protein powder, glass of milk

meal 4 … meat and rice
I made sockeye salmon at least 3 days a week.

Vegan Physical fitness Nutrition (for kids) 101?

Any easy to remember truth sheets, facts, graphics covering our diet plan you can suggest? I got the nutrition section of the efficient and safe practice part of the Diploma in Dance Teaching and Learning for Kid and Youth tomorrow and I just know it’s going to be “we need milk for calcium and dead fish for omegas and steak for iron”.


I saw an excellent graphic about protein material of veg over meat and dairy product which helped me bear in mind kale 49 % and beef 28 % approximately. Anything like that ‘d be coo

I include fresh garlic to nearly every dish.

While he didn’t do it, exercise (generally strength training) is essential.

meal 5 … eggs with cheese on top. 2 portions of shredded cheese is around 250 calories, glass of milk
I do not eat red meat much anymore. A lot of turkey, chicken and salmon. I attempted to slim down, walk, drink a great deal of water and reduced liquor to a periodic glass of wine (when a month at most.) Most that was due to the fact that liquor does not agree with me and it includes calories. I do consume oat meal. I attempt not to consume processed foods or consume convenience food. I don’t cook with salt.